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French is hogtied

Vikki boasts that she can escape from any bondage so Mistress watches her struggle and then fail!

Suck my cock
Vikki hates this so much but Mistress has to have it! Lots

Vikki the Tart
Vikki has the devil in her
she is cheeky on film
see real unseen interaction.


The new slim vikki goes back in chastity where she belongs see it fitted.

The Impailer
The rigid metal pole is forced up vikki's arse, its attached to the spreader and makes it impossible to move!!!

In Chastity and Sent away
Vikki is sent abroad to serve another
in full chastity.

Subspace on film for the first time

An hour session in the punishment room sees vikki break down as she reaches sub space mmmm..


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