24-7 Maid Servitude


Sissy forced to live a 24-7 servitude existence

This site is about real life. Its about Mistress
Elaine's Lifestyle of  Forcing her Live in Maid
Vikki to serve 24-7. This site  has followed her life
for 12 years !!! She has really let you into her
World. Leaving nothing to the imagination

Elaines' sub girl Minnie gets vikki to herself and puts her through abuse.

This is a tough and strong Mistress. She always gets what she wants in everything.


Vikki is Forced to dress as a Maid every day !!!

Her Service includes Oral, Body Worship, Dinner Service, Panty Washing,
Serving Mistresses' friends, Serving strangers, Sucking strap on cock, being a fuck toy.

She is beaten if she fails to measure up

Constantly Mistress Elaine pushes her to reach perfection.


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